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Ignite your appetite!

Chicken Tenders
Hand breaded deep fried tenders served with Ranch, BBQ Sauce, Bang Bang, Honey Garlic Parmesan, Buffalo or Raspberry Chipotle. $7.99

Street tacos
3 Tacos of your choice. Served on corn tortillas with a mixture of greens and cabbage. Chili Lime Chicken with sweet chili sauce. Seasoned Pulled Pork with raspberry chipotle sauce. Lemon Basil Fish with cilantro crema. $8.99

Naked Wings OR Boneless Wings
Naked or Boneless served with Ranch, BBQ Sauce, Bang Bang, Honey Garlic Parmesan, Buffalo or Raspberry Chipotle, or Mango Habanero. 8-$7.99 16-$15.99

shoe string onion rings
Sweet Bermuda onions sliced thin and lightly coated with seasoned flour and deep fried to a golden brown. Served with ranch or horseradish sauce. $7.99

Fire Balls
Our famous homemade meatballs, fire roasted and bathed in your choice of delectable sauces. Choose from Honey Garlic Parmesan, Buffalo, Maple Bourbon BBQ, or Bang Bang Sauce. You’ll never go back to chicken wings again. $8.99

Real Wisconsin Cheese Curds
The real deal. Fresh Wisconsin cheese curds lightly coated in our savory breading, and deep fried to perfection. Served with ranch dipping sauce. $8.99

Bang Bang Shrimp
Crispy beer battered shrimp tossed with our unique chili peanut sauce. $9.99

Soup and Salad Bar
Made from scratch soups, and a medley of farm fresh salad fixin’s. $9.99

Calf's liver with arugula garnish. Studio Photo

Served with homemade bread.

fresh vegetable steamer
Seasonal fresh vegetables steamed to order, tossed with olive oil and italian glaze, for a great tasting healthy choice. Served over cilantro rice or noodles. $14.99

peasant chicken
Boneless breast of chicken pan fried with peppers, onions, mushrooms, and white wine served over cilantro rice. $12.99

southwest chicken
Boneless chicken breast topped with sauteed onions, mixed bell peppers, melted colby jack cheese, and southwest sauce. Served with cilantro rice. $11.99

liver n onions
Seared liver topped with applewood bacon and a pile of sauteed onions served with choice of potato. $9.99

The Art of the SANDWICH

Our sandwiches are made to order with the freshest ingredients, and homemade sauces, then served on our grilled hard roll. All sandwiches are served with kettle chips or french fries.

Substitute sweet potato fries for 50¢.
Substitute 8oz Chicken Breast for $1.49.

Maple Bourbon BBQ Bacon Burger
1/2 pound of lean ground beef, char broiled to in the natural juices. Topped with crisp applewood smoked bacon, colby monterey jack cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato, and our smoky, sweet maple bourbon BBQ sauce and pickle spear. $10.99

Classic American Burger
1/2 pound of lean ground beef, char broiled to in the natural juices. Served with melted american cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato, and pickle spear. $8.99

Mushroom and Swiss Burger
1/2 pound of lean ground beef, char broiled to in the natural juices. Topped with mushrooms, beef gravy, swiss cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato and pickle spear. $9.99

black n' blu burger
1/2 pound of lean ground beef, char broiled to in the natural juices. Seasoned with cajun seasoning and topped with blue cheese crumble. Served with a pickle spear. $9.99

Open Face Tenderloin Sandwich
White toast points with seasoned char broiled beef tenderloin topped with mushrooms and onions sauteed in teriyaki sauce. Served with a pickle spear. $12.99


Seafood and fish entrees are served with soup and salad bar, fresh bread, and one side.

Baked Haddock
Flaky white haddock loin topped with a blend of seasoned breadcrumbs and served over a creamy dill sauce. $17.99

Country Fried Colossal Shrimp
8 Colossal sized shrimp coated with a crunchy cornmeal breading and deep fried to a golden brown. Served with a choice of cocktail, or signature bang bang sauce. $19.99

Crab Stuffed Shrimp
5 Large shrimp butterflied, stuffed with cheese and crab breaded and deep fried. $19.99

jumbo scallops
Scallops served with your choice of: sweet chili, lemon basil, dill sauce, cajun, blackened, or mango salsa. $28.99

Shrimp Your Way
8 Large shrimp done your way. (Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Scamp, or Broiled.) $19.99

Norwegian Salmon
8oz Firm and mild flavored filet of salmon from the frigid Atlantic waters off the coast of Norway. Baked to perfection and topped with your choice of: sweet chili, lemon basil, dill sauce, cajun, blackened, or mango salsa. $16.99

lobster tail
6oz tail of cold water lobster. Market Price

Friday night fish fry

Nothing says Wisconsin like the Friday night fish fry. Sit back and enjoy your favorite beverage while we prepare the traditional feast of your choice.

Our fish is hand breaded to order with a light crispy coating, and deep fried to a golden brown. Pan fried fish available for an additional charge.


Small $12.99 | Regular $14.99 | Large $16.99

Small $10.99 | Regular $14.99 | Large $17.99

deep fried haddock
Small $13.99 | Regular $14.99 | Large $18.99

Add the soup and salad bar $4.99


Our surf and turf combinations include the soup and salad bar, fresh bread and one side. $29.99


3 Crab Stuffed Shrimp

5 Deep Fried Colossal Shrimp

4oz salmon
Served with your choice of Addition.

jumbo seared scallop
Served with your choice of Addition.

5 Shrimp Done Your Way
Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Scampi, or Broiled.

Lobster Tail
Market Price.


12oz New York Strip

6oz Tenderloin

8oz Chicken Breast

8oz pork ribeye


Great for steak, chicken, and fish entrees.

hollandaise sauce $2.99

oscar asparagus with crab and hollandaise sauce $5.99

neptune style $7.99
Crab and Shrimp in a vodka cream sauce.

dill sauce $2.99

jack daniels sauce $2.99
With mushrooms.

bourdin cheese $2.99

vodka cream sauce $2.99

teriyaki glazed sauteed mushrooms $3.49

teriyaki glazed sauteed onions $3.49

teriyaki glazed sauteed mushrooms and onions $3.99

black n' blu $3.99
Cajun and blue cheese.

fresh mango salsa $2.99

shoe string onion rings $2.50
Substitute regular side.

shrimp $6.00
Choice of lemon pepper, cajun, broiled, or scampi.

lobster Market Price


Entrees include the soup and salad bar, fresh bread, and your choice of side.

Proudly Serving Hand Cut Steaks

All of our steaks are char broiled to lock in flavor and juices, then served with our savory steak butter melting on top.

new york strip steak
12oz flavorful center cut new york strip cooked to juicy perfection. $24.99

Ribeye Steak
16oz of perfectly marbled and well seasoned center cut ribeye steak. $29.99

char broiled Tenderloin of Beef
A tender filet of beef seared to lock in natural juices. 6oz $16.99 12oz $27.99

1/2 Chicken Dinner
All white meat available for an additional charge. $14.99

Char broiled pork ribeye
8oz seasoned pork ribeye char broiled to enhance its natural flavors. Topped with carmelized onions and served with hot cinnamon apples. $16.99

deep fried pork ribeye
Deep fried pork ribeye seasoned with Embers 1871 special seasoned flour and fried to perfection. Serve with hot cinnamon apples. $16.99

loaded meatloaf
Seasoned bacon wrapped meatloaf topped with mashed potatoes, gravy, and shoe string onion rings. $15.99
(Not served with choice of side)

1/4 Chicken Dinner $12.99


Fettuccine Alfredo
Fettuccine noodles tossed in a rich garlic parmesan cream sauce. $13.99
Add Chicken $17.99 Add Shrimp $19.99

Fire Fettuccine
Incredibly, the Great Chicago fire happened the same day as the Peshtigo fire back in 1871. A combination of two amazing historical events at once. Our amazing combination of creamy garlic parmesan sauce tossed with seasonal vegetables, chicken breast, and fettuccine noodles collide with our fiery cajun seasoning for a blend of it’s own! $19.99

Lenten Specials

served with choice of a side, soup and salad bar...


Mussels in a creamy garlic sauce $16.99


Cajun, broiled almaondine or lemon basil $17.99


Parchment poached Cod served over spinach $13.99


Fried and served in a garlic butter sauce $16.99


All you can eat Smelt $11.99
(only gets choice of a side)

Pizza Menu


4 Cheese Pizza 10 in $10.00 - 14 in $14.00

Pepperoni Pizza 10 in$10.00 - 14 in $14.00

Sausage and Pepperoni 10 in $11.00 - 14 in $15.00

Sausage, Pepperoni, Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms 10 in $14.00 - 14 in $19.00

Ham and Pineapple 10 in $11.00 - 14 in $15.00

Chicken Bacon
Tomato and Spinach 10 in $13.00 - 14 in $18.00

Zucchini, Spinach, Tomato, Peppers, Onion, Mushrooms 10 in $15.00 - 14 in $20.50

Taco Meat, Onions, Cheddar Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, Topped with Lettuce, Tomato, and Crushed Nacho Chips 10 in $16.00 - 14 in $22.00

Bacon Cheeseburger
Burger, Bacon, Onion, Pickle Slices, Mustard, Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheese 10 in $16.00 - 14 in $22.00

BBQ Chicken
Deep Fried Chicken, Red Onions, Bacon, Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheese 10 in $14.00 - 14 in $19.00

Meat lovers
Sausage, Ham, Bacon, and Pepperoni 10 in $13.00 - 14 in $18.00

Pizza Fries
Served with Pizza Sauce 10 in $10.00 - 14 in $14.00

Create a Pizza
Cheese and One Topping 10 in $10.00 - 14 in $14.00

Additional Toppings
Pepperoni, Sausage, Ground Beef, Bacon, Ham, Taco Meat, Chicken, Onions, Mixed Peppers, Mushrooms, Spinach, Broccoli, Tomato, Jalapeño, Zucchini, Green Olives, Black Olives, or Pineapple
10 in $1.25 - 14 in $1.50

Sauces BBQ, Alfredo, Ranch, or Red


Naked, Breaded, or Boneless
8-Wings $6.99 16-Wings $13.99 24-Wings $19.99

Wings are Rolled in Sauce. All Wings come with One Sauce

Additional Sauce $.50 per Sauce

Honey BBQ, Spicy Bourbon BBQ, Raspberry Chipotle, Buffalo, Honey Garlic Parmesan, Teriyaki, Ranch, Sweet Chili, Bang Bang Sauce, Szechuan and Sweet and Sour


regular sides $2.29
Baked Potato, Baby Red Potatoes, Wisconsin Potato Fries, Kettle Chips, Green Beans, and Cilantro Rice

premium sides $2.79
Hot Cinnamon Apples, Sweet Potato Fries, Asparagus, or Broccoli